Saturday, June 25, 2011

We went to see the Quinta de Regaleira.  This is a "palace" that was built by a regular guy, not a king or anything.  It has changed hands several times.  This last time it was purchased by Portugal and underwent a facelift, and is now open to the public for tours.  Very amazing place.  Kinda like a "magical kingdom" - and not the Disneyland kind of kingdom.  The grounds were amazing - lots of tunnels, cool Repunzel towers, etc.

This is really a moss covered pond with real stepping stones.  Very cool - but also a little mind boggling to walk across.  The thought of miscalculating a step and falling in - yuck!

Rick trying to coax his mom across - he's not very convincing!!

She took the alternate route, escorted by Rick, through a cave/tunnel.  So cool.

Underground spiral staircase - view from the bottom

View from the top - looking down

Exiting the staircase at the top/ground level

Pathway through the grounds of the Quinta

So, to sum up Quinta da Regaleira - HEAVEN ON EARTH.  My favorite place in Portugal. 

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