Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Picts of Mom & Dad's Stay

The beginning of the Medieval Faire in Torres Novas.  This was the first "display" we came across.  Three real camels.

This is the booth that was making the pork steak sandwiches.  The one where people were reaching over our heads and grabbing sandwiches.  Funny.  The man is putting the dough, with the meat in them, in the big oven.  He heats the oven with wood inside and a blow torch.  As soon as the wood burns down and the oven is extremely hot he pushes the wood to the back and adds the sandwiches.

They work very hard kneading the dough and forming the sandwiches.  Laborious work - they must have very strong arms.

I love to "people watch" and the Medieval Faire was a great place to do it.

See what I mean?

Lots of "costumed" people.  Or were they?

Many fun displays to watch.

This guy was bizarre!!  Put a coin in his hand and he comes "alive". 



Belly Dancers

She's inspired me to diet once again!!

Medieval musicians - so cool.

This area was roped off - each pedestal had a different bird on it - eagles, vultures, and owls.

Tanner so wanted to spear one with his souvenir arrow gun grandpa bought him.

Up close & personal with the animals.

Waiting for some road kill...

More street performers

Many displays

Medieval times iron worker

This man was "cutting" wood with an extremely hot wire - can you see the smoke coming off of it?

How to "smoke" a salmon.

Lots of people watching the "parade"

Don't they fit right in?

I think Tanner could take him

Wench's for sale

Rick's wench - No, that is not me!!!

Wenches in the dungeon

The punishment for not being "kind" to the wenches.

Exiting the dungeon - scary creatures - NOT mom and dad - the other ones!!

Promised Picts!!

Taking a break at the Tomar Castle - grandpa writing on Tanner's back.

Family Pict - enjoying our time walking the grounds of the Convent/Castle.

Lunch at a local restaurant. 
Our public pool has a cafe inside the building.  We eat soup there everytime we go swimming.  After chatting with the lady who works at the cafe, we find out that she also owns a restaurant in town.  Since her soup is so good, at the pool, we really wanted to try out her restaurant.  It was not a disappointment - very good food.

The train ride we took around town - thought it would be fun - turned out to be hot and extremely bumpy.

A vendor at the feira dumping his live chickens from one crate to another.  He'd just grab a couple at a time, by the neck, and throw them into the other one.  So sad.  Notice how many there are per crate.  Nasty!!

Another vender at the feira - she'd grab hers underneath the wings and hold them up for display.

I was looking all over for the men - and this is where I found them. hahaha

Baptism at our home. 

Walking up our driveway, heading to a really cool part of our lake for the baptism.

Joao Heiter with Elder Agee - getting ready to take the plunge.

The whole group just before the baptism.

Rick "witnessing" the baptism.

Everything's a go!!!  Very spiritual moment (well, after we got the dogs out of the water, anyways).

Dinner at the house after the baptism.  So great to have that many young missionaries in our home. 

Our trip to the Castelo de Almoural.  Notice where Devan is standing (in the background).  This area was "off limits" according to a posted sign.  He's always breaking the rules when it comes to climbing castle walls - he gets it from his dad!!

I took a picture of Rick and dad on a lower part of the castle - I was at the very top - they were on a lower level, which was still extremely high.  You can't see them very well in this picture, but they are both standing on a ledge where they could definitely fall to their death.

Family pict at the top of the castle

Walking back to the boat to leave the island.

Soup tasting festival in Tomar.  A once a year event where local restaurants prepare their best soups for the public.  Some were pretty yummy, others not so.

Lots of booths of soup.

One thing I've learned about the Portuguese - they have very strange taste in entertainment.  These were "clowns" at the soup tasting festival.

Well, hope that kept you "entertained" for a little while.  I'll do some more later.  Rick's computer got a virus so he is need of mine at the moment.